Client Testimonials

“Grant writing for our preschool was just the start, Julé truly took me under her wing.  She saw potential in me that I did not see in myself.  I have never led anyone, let alone a preschool and an entire board of directors.  She took the time to educate me on leadership and what it means to be a true leader.  Julé invited me to her leadership training class, she introduced me to other leaders in the nonprofit world, and created an environment that has allowed me to grow and develop as a leader.  I have become confident in my leadership abilities.  With the training and assistance of Julé and Grant Pathways, my preschool is now profitable.  My staff morale is high, which has led to a better quality of education for our children.  The teachers are now engaged and open to more creative ways of educating our children.  The families have seen the change and are more engaged in their children’s education.  The school has truly gained momentum and it all started with Julé Colvin and Grant Pathways. ”

Melissa Burman
A Brighter Community


“Grant Pathways has served our agency in the utmost professional and timely manner, adjusting to the needs of the agency as well as working with the Executive Director in a flexible capacity to ensure all grants are completed.  Grant Pathways has shown to have exceptional quality of work and has been successful with obtaining a substantial amount of grants that were not previously secured for Alpha House.  Grant Pathways is a valuable asset to the non-profit community and Alpha House of Pinellas County would highly recommend their services in the community.”

Jennifer Stracick, Executive Director
Alpha House of Pinellas, Inc.

“The team at GrantPathways is always great to work with.  They are professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable.  They have helped us to maintain the funding we need to carry out our programs, even in these difficult economic times.  This past year, we’ve especially worked to increase our assistance programs to prevent homelessness for families on the brink of eviction, and with GrantPathways expert advice and grantwriting services, we’ve been able to help nearly 300 families obtain a greater level of housing stability. I highly recommend GrantPathways.”

Pam Qualls

“WOW! Last night was GREAT; this is just what the ministry has desperately needed! The brainstorming and working on clarifying our mission, vision and goals is vital to the future of this ministry and what God desires to do. You did an excellent job in leading us; it was fun, energetic and very effective (the time flew by!!). I am so thankful and excited and just can’t thank you enough! You are a special gift from God to us and He is going to use you to make such a difference in the future of this ministry for His honor and glory! I am really looking forward to meeting again as God reveals His plans and the goals He is urging us to work toward. “

Ms. Karen Brooks, Assistant Director
LifeCare of Brandon

“We have been pleased with our service from Grant Pathways, Inc.  Julé is very professional and I would highly recommend her to those seeking to write grants.  We recently received a $10,000 grant from the Childrens Board that she wrote for us.”

 Darlene Davis

“Julé Colvin, in the few short months I have worked with her, has demonstrated an above-average level of reliability (dependability). Once she completes the necessary research about a specific grant, she goes about completing it systematically, accurately, and thoroughly–never hesitating to call for clarification when it is needed. Her follow-up of grants received or pending is timely and thorough. Above all else, Julé Colvin is a highly ethical person in all aspects of her personal and professional life. It is my hope to have the opportunity to work with her for years to come.”

Sister Claire LeBoeuf, CSC
Everyday Blessings & The Village at Everyday Blessings

“I can’t thank you enough for the direction you have provided in administering the grant. Your knowledge of grant management combined with your attention to detail makes the intricacies of working with a grant much easier. Clearly, your skills are a major part of the success of this program.

When it comes time to write a grant I usually cringe, but working your ability to take ideas and translate them to paper makes the process much easier. What some people take hours of meeting to do, you seem to be able to do in a few short meetings. I so appreciate that you value my time as well as yours.”

Jan Setzekorn, Director of Literacy Services
United Methodist Cooperative Ministries

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