Exclusive Online Grant Writer Training Course

by Cara Barrett on November 11, 2014

Take your grant writing and research skills to the next level with a LIVE online training program led by Julé Colvin, and her team of accomplished professional writers. This will be a small online 6-8 hour course (divided into 2 hour sessions) of no more than 10 people. We will go step by step through the proposal process, sharing winning proposal samples as we go. You will be given writing assignments that will then be reviewed by our team to help in your learning process.

Our training program is very unique in that we are an actual working team of writers preparing a minimum of 10-15 grants each month. We will share current projects on which we are working, giving you a bird’s eye view of the process and the opportunity to work with professional writers. This offers a much richer learning experience than the typical classroom style.

As an added bonus, we have been known in the past to take students from our training sessions and move them into a position on our writing team. We also have taken entry level writers with promising skills and placed them on our team to gain experience and learn from our writers. If you have strong writing skills, you may have this opportunity in the future through our course.

The total cost for this amazing training opportunity is only $500. Payment options are available. If you are interested in more information or registration, click HERE.

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